The Bay Area Asylum Mental Health Project of RIWW

The Bay Area Asylum Mental Health Project of RIWW links San Francisco Bay Area immigration attorneys with mental health clinicians who can provide psychological evaluations for asylum seekers. The Project has over 50 clinicians in the Bay Area who provide pro bono or low fee evaluations for asylum seekers.

If you are an attorney or accredited representative and would like to request an evaluation for your client, please click here.

Training and mentoring mental health clinicians. The Project provides training, mentorship, and support to mental health professionals so they can provide high quality forensic mental health evaluation for asylum seekers.

RIWW training is conducted in collaboration with Centro Legal de la Raza, Oakland and Well Clinic, San Francisco. The training helps clinicians understand the asylum application process, the role of mental health evaluations, and how to provide a high quality evaluation and report.

We offer mentoring by connecting mental health professionals who are experienced in providing evaluations with those who have been recently trained. We facilitate the referral process between attorneys seeking evaluations and available mental health professionals.

If you are a mental health professional and would like to attend a training in the Bay Area and join our network please click here. The next training session is scheduled for September 17, 2018 (session is at full capacity).

Training immigration attorneys and law students in trauma informed practice. Immigration attorneys and law students who work with asylum seekers are often challenged when working with traumatized individuals. Our training helps immigration attorneys and law students use best practices in interviewing asylum seekers with a history of traumatic events. It also helps attorneys and law students manage secondary trauma that may impact them directly.