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List of documents:

  • 1How To Get Your First Case And How To Structure The Interview (Sept 11, 2018).docx
  • Appendix A 20 HSCL-25_ Spanish.pdf
  • Appendix A 21 HTQ_Spanish.pdf
  • Asylum Eval Template Share JRQ.docx
  • asylum grant rates .pdf
  • Bay Area Lowfee Mental Health Resources 2018.pdf
  • DO NOT DISTRIBUTE (Ariel SHIDLO) Child abuse, forced labor central america REDACTED 2017.pdf
  • English release of information consent form (May 2018).docx
  • Herlihy Autobiographical Memory and Seeking Asylum .pdf
  • Herlihy Discrepancies in autobiographical memories.pdf
  • HSCL- English.pdf
  • HTQR- English version.pdf
  • Istanbul Protocol (2004).pdf
  • Ken Pope Psychological Assessment of Torture Survivors.pdf
  • Mental Health Eval for Asylum Seekers.docx
  • MOCA severe mental illness 2013 .pdf
  • MoCA-Instructions-English_2010.pdf
  • MoCA-Test-English_7_1(2).pdf
  • MoCA-Test-Spanish(1).pdf
  • Normative data for the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA).pdf
  • Normative data for the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA.pdf
  • PCL-5_criterionA.pdf
  • PCL-5_LEC_criterionA.pdf
  • PCL-5_Standard.pdf
  • psychological-evaluation-of-asylum-seekers-as-a-therapeutic-process.pdf
  • Redacted Eval BC FGM_completed.pdf
  • Redacted report child JRQ_completed.pdf
  • Rey 15 item stimulus card .pdf
  • Shidlo Ahola LGBT asylum article copy.pdf
  • Spanish release of information consent (May 2018).doc
  • The Rey 15 item memory test for malingering A meta analysis.pdf
  • using-PCL5.pdf
  • Validity of MOCA.pdf