Upcoming Training

The Bay Area Asylum Mental Health Project at Research Institute Without Walls, in collaboration with Immigrant Legal Defense is offering training for licensed mental health clinicians who are interested in performing psychological evaluations of asylum seekers.

Training details:

When: Our next training will be announced in August 2023.

Where: Zoom

RSVP Link:    Training registration form


The Bay Area Asylum Mental Health Project is receiving more evaluation requests than our current clinician network can provide. Recent changes in ICE processing procedures has resulted in many asylum seekers having much shorter time periods to compile necessary documentation for their cases. Many asylum seekers have limited documentation of the reasons that led them to flee their country of origin. Mental health evaluations can help adjudicators by providing an accurate picture of an asylum seeker’s trauma history and its effect on their mental health.

The Project’s training provides instruction on conducting evaluations, report writing, as well as legal information on the asylum process provided by immigration attorneys from our partner organizations.

After attending the training you will be provided a mentor who will work with you to develop your skills as an evaluator.  Asylum seekers’ evaluation interviews are typically 3 hours, done at your preferred time via teleconference, with the help of an interpreter as needed. Although fluency in languages other than English is beneficial it is not necessary. After taking the training we ask that you provide at least two evaluations a year; and that your schedule will accommodate accepting the first two evaluations within six months of finishing the training.

In addition to enrolling in a training, please also click here to submit your professional credentials and join our clinician network.